What you should know when looking for an Apartment

You’re ready to have your own place and need an apartment. What should you know and how do you pick the right place?!

We’re going to go over 5 steps to finding the perfect place! 1. Size of apartment 2. Location 3. Landlord 4. Maintenance program 5. Care Taker

1. Size of apartment

A typical suite layout

This is decided based on your needs.


A bachelor apartment is perfect if you’re looking to save money, live on your own and don’t plan on having people over for visits. These apartments normally have the kitchen, bedroom and living area all in the same room. The range for a bachelor apartment is between $250 and $750 depending on location and apartment condition.

1 Bedroom

A 1 bedroom is perfect if you want an apartment with a living room, kitchen area and bedroom area. If you’re living on your own or you are engaged in a relationship, this is the right choice for you. The range for a 1 bedroom apartment is between is $650 and $1200

1 Bedroom + den

A 1 bedroom plus den is for people who may want to have an extra room for their office or reading area. The “plus den” just means an extra room which doesn’t have a window. It certainly does not mean the den room is smaller than a normal size bedroom. A bedroom + den is sometimes larger than a normal size 2 bedroom apartment. They range from $750 to $1300.

2 Bedroom

A 2 bedroom is perfect for roommates looking to move in together, in a relationship and have a kid or in a relationship and need an extra room for an office. A 2 bedroom apartment ranges from $800-$1500.

2. Location

Location pin on street map

This is criteria is based on where you want to live in Halifax or your specific city. The highest rent will be always be downtown and the rent will decrease as you move further out.

3. Landlord

You should always find out about your landlord and their reputation is amongst their tenants. A landlord might be a large company like Killam Properties or an individual like Joe Doe who owns a small duplex. You want to find out how they treat their tenants, if they respond to complaints and if they are there in an emergency.

4. Maintenance Program

Maintenance tools - screwdriver and wrench

Something will eventually break or stop working in your apartment. Your job is to find out how fast your landlord repairs or replaces a broken appliance or fixes a leak. You certainly don’t want to go a whole month with no stove or no heat so make sure the landlord runs a good maintenance program.

5. Care taker/super-intendant

Old man with mustache running with broom
This person normally lives in the building or lives nearby and makes frequent visits to ensure everything is running smoothly. A good care-taker will ensure the building is clean and meets the standards of living. They normally take the responsibility of contacting the correct people for a specific situation.