What to do when you move into your apartment?

You’ve signed the lease to your apartment, paid your damage deposit and you’re moving in today. We’ll assume you’ve done your homework and chosen the best suited move for yourself. And if you haven’t, read our article about the 3 types of moves all movers have to choose from.

A leasing agent showing a potential tenant the apartment layout

The apartment walk through

We are going to discuss what you should do the minute you enter your apartment.


You should go and turn on every every faucet and make sure the pressure is up to your standards and that water is not grey.


Walk around, take note if there is any damage to the floors, walls & ceilings. There may be a leak that the landlord missed and you’ll want to get that taken care of as soon as possible before your brand new sofa gets soaked. Check for mold, stains or cracks and inform the landlord.


Open and close all windows. Ensure they all work and if they don’t ask for them to be fixed. Some windows are shut for a specific reason. Ask for an explanation. Check to see if there are holes in the screens and make note on your inspection report.


Ensure all doors open and close with no significant effort. If a door squeaks, ask the landlord to replace the hinges. Check the cabinets to ensure there is nothing living under your sink. You don’t want to come home one day and find out there’s been a party hosted by the mice in your apartment.


The best way to check if outlets work is to walk around with a phone and charger and start plugging it in. If it charges, then the outlet works.


Try the front door lock and make sure it works before you start moving in.


Turn on all lights and see if they work. If a bulb is missing, ask the landlord for a replacement.


If the building has a intercom system, ask the landlord to show you to use it. Buildings normally have a surveillance camera which can be accessed through a specific channel on your TV.


Rental walk through checklist

We’ve come across a great infographic, written by rent.com, and believe this will help with your apartment checklist.

A checklist of things to make sure your landlord has done all repairs before you move in