I am not a tenant, but a worker at The Edison on Joseph Howe Drive. This company really took care of us and treated us like we were in house employees. They always answer their phone and know everything about quality construction. You can just tell when you walk off the elevator that they put a lot of money into detail. I hope I get to work on their next building.

- Brandon – Worked on The Edison

We’ve lived here for 3 years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. A quick story about the company; the washer broke down and within 2 hours we had a new washer in the house. We were amazed at the speed the company operates at and have nothing but good to say!

- Apartment 1 – Duncan Street

We called almost a year ago to put ourselves on a waiting list. John called us as soon as a 1 bedroom opened up. We saw. We loved. We moved in starting of January and have loved every month we’ve lived here. The management is so easy to deal with and they are always making sure we are happy!

- Albert and Zoe – Jane Apartments

We came here when we were 19 and have lived her for almost 3 years now! We love it here and have nothing but great things to say about the staff and company. Just to put everything into perspective; we’ve never waited longer than an hour for things to get fixed.

- Stu and Crissy – Village Plaza

We lived with R.C Jane for 8 years and only moved out because of a job opportunity out of province. We have nothing but good to say about the company. It was like living at home without all the home repairs and maintenance. They immediately respond to requests and repairs. We are honestly going to miss the super, property manager and leasing agent! Definitely a thumbs up on our end!

- Dan – Almon Apartments

My sister and I feel completely at home here! The building is always clean, well-maintained, and quiet. Our living space is large and modern, and more than accommodates the both of us. Any problem that arises is always fixed promptly and professionally. We feel and are treated like valued tenants, and are happy to say we will be here for a long time.

- Elspeth and Meade – Almon Apartments

We’ve lived here fore over 10 years and the owners have been nothing but the best towards me. They are quick to respond to any inquires and are always on top of things. We don’t ever plan on leaving and love it here!

- James – Almon Apartments

The owners just launched their site and asked me if I’d write a testimonial about them! I was ecstatic because I’ve been saying it for years, these people are amazing! Here’s a little story about the services! My stove wasn’t working the other day, I called John and within an hour he was at my place and had the stove fixed and ready for me to continue making supper! I swear, they treat me like I’m family and are always making sure the building is properly run.

The building itself is in perfect condition. They always have the hallways clean and feeling new. It’s an honor to live here and my standards have been spoiled by the owners!

- Kristin – Jane Apartments